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Would you like to be valued and compensated for who you really are, and what you love to do?


Do you need to inject new life into your current career, or business?


Could your staff work together more harmoniously and effectively?

You are in the right place.


My Mission

I help people and organizations derive value, not in being well-rounded, but pointed.  By that I mean, individuals and companies who invest more in "who they are", rather than shoring up "who they are not", will change the world.  I want my clients to employ strategies that reward their uniqueness and energize them toward expansive growth.


The Gallup Company research verifies that when career and business plans incorporate one's unique strengths, experiences and interests, effectiveness is demonstrably better.  I want to free-up people and companies to experience the ease and satisfaction of operating within their natural strengths.




A plan is only as effective as the motivation to follow it. No one needs another list of resonsibilites and duties to drain the life out of them.  So, first I build a foundation for improvement based upon strengths assessment and personal history gathering.


Once I truly understand you, or your organization, then we can effectively craft a strategic plan that inspires you and has the best chance for success, because it taps into what you do well and where you possess a competitive advantage.  It can be that easy to re-energize and improve a life, or a business.


Who Benefits?


For individuals, I conduct a strengths assessment and interview you about your past successes and enjoyments.  Then we  develop a plan that aligns your strengths, life experience, and interests. This type of plan, designed by you, has the greatest chance for success. If you choose, I can also help you implement the plan with further coaching and the engagement of outside consultants.


I assess the unique strengths of each team member, and place it on a strengths grid of responsibility domains. Then I identify where your team is strong, and where you need to manage around inherent weaknesses.


Combining this team assessment with my process for clarifying team strategy, will re-position a team for success by increasing team engagement and focus.  I can also provide outside consultants and  seed money for certain start-up opportunities.

Change Starts Now